A Better Salesforce Sandbox Experience

We're building a lightweight sandbox for rapid prototyping and testing against Salesforce's most popular APIs.

One-line download

Download our Salesforce sandbox into your local environment or CI/CD pipeline with a single line of code.

Initialize from your tests

Initialize your sandbox directly from test files. We're building SDKs for Apex, Java, Python, JavaScript and C#.

Fail fast

Our sandbox provides the most common failure cases from the real Salesforce API so you can ship more resilient code.

About our beta

Can't find an answer? Don't hesitate to reach out!

How does the beta work?

Our sandbox is currently being alpha tested and co-developed by a small group of Salesforce developers on SFXD and in Helsinki. After concluding the alpha, we will invite developers to a beta Discord channel.

Why do we need a sandbox if scratch orgs exist?

We think that Salesforce scratch orgs are great for exploratory testing, but they are difficult to set up and initialize properly in CI/CD environments. It's also difficult to identify and test common corner cases. We want to make the testing process as delightful as possible for Salesforce developers.

Who is building the sandbox?

We're Meeshkan! Our business is building API sandboxes, and we wanted to challenge ourselves by building sandboxes of the world's most-used APIs. Our mission is to democratize and simplify access to the world's APIs by building automatically-updating sandboxes.